Warning: read this before buying a caricature online

I'm not a person who likes to rant and complain, but i feel this is important.
I'm sorry to write this but some websites are selling fake caricatures. They take your photo and put it in a software program called photoshop. 
They just press a button and POW, your photo looks like a painting. Then they cut it and paste your face on top of a pre-drawn cartoon body. It looks like a real caricature, but it's just computer trickery.
That's not Art.
That's why I take pictures of the drawings I do, as I put them on the paper. I turn them into a fun slide-show, showing your drawing being made from start to finish
Don't be fooled by computer trickery.
The real artists charge more for their drawings because it's real art
I am one of the lowest priced of the real artist because I'm fairly new at this, and I want to build relationships with new customers 
I put this on my main page, but i also thought I'd put it here as a Blog post, in case anyone missed it.
Thanks, again.
James Thomas

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