Samurai, Jedi, and Navy Seals

I want to be like a Samurai, a Jedi, and a Navy Seal, when it comes to my art and writing.


the Samurai were famous for improving their skills every day. they believed that if you can practice to improve every day, soon you will become a master. I don't use a sword like they did, but I have my pencil and my pen.


the Jedi are all about inner strength. they learn that it is as easy to lift a giant x wing fighter, as it is to lift a small stone, with the power of the force. they learn to trust their instincts to know the perfect next move. they learn to avoid fear and doubt, because those are the paths to the dark side. those lessons will help anyone to live a powerful life.


the Navy seals are known for pushing themselves to the limits. they say that when you think you cant go on no further, you're really only at 40% of your ability.


thinking about these three types of people helps me figure out what I need to do next, to be a better artist, writer, and entrepreneur.


it also sounds like a lot of work. ha ha